• Shipping P3 Planning - Small Parcel, LTL/RTL, Rail, Postage, INtl., Air, Ocean, Containers

    Our proven methods and innovative solutions teach organizations how to spend their money smarter leading to a significant increase in cash flow.

    Shipping P3 Planning

    World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors (WWERA) specializes in customized "Peak Performance Plans" helping to improve employee performance and increase cash flow while protecting organizations from a financial disaster. With no upfront cost, discover savings that you never knew existed.


    Our Shipping P3 Planning helps organizations of all sizes maximize cost saving opportunities for all types of shipping.


    Benefits include:

    • No upfront cost
    • Immediate impact to bottom line
    • Carrier neutral and 100% transparent
    • Coexist with current shipping team
    • 100% effective and measurable
  • Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    Assess and measure your current services looking for overcharges and opportunities to maximize potential refunds, recoveries and savings.

    Step 2 - Negotiate & Audit

    Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates. Save valuable staff time, get a quote for everywhere from everyone, and know you’ve got the best price!

    Step 3 - Smart Solution

    Introduce innovative saving solutions and strategies to help improve your current situation.