• Shipping P3 Planning - Small Parcel, LTL/RTL, Rail, Postage, INtl., Air, Ocean, Containers

    World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors (WWERA) specializes in customized "Peak Performance Plans" helping to improve employee performance and increase cash flow while protecting organizations from a financial disaster.


    Our Shipping P3 Planning helps organizations of all sizes maximize cost saving opportunities for all types of shipping.


    Benefits include:

    • Process is 100% effective and measurable
    • Immediate impact to bottom line
    • Coexist with current shipping team
    • Identify additional savings opportunities
    • Cumulative benefits multiply over time

    Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    Assess and measure your current services looking for overcharges and opportunities to maximize potential refunds, recoveries and savings.

    Step 2 - Negotiate & Audit

    Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates. Save valuable staff time, get a quote for everywhere from everyone, and know you’ve got the best price!

    Step 3 - Smart Solution

    Introduce uncommon saving solutions and strategies to help improve your current situation.