• Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    Before we even begin carrier negotiation and auditing we will complete a comprehensive analysis to ensure that your company is following all of the Best Practices that will reduce your shipping costs. We feel that our clients should not be getting a discount off of something they shouldn't be paying for at all. Our Best Practices have produced up to as much as a 30% reduction in the shipping spend from self inflicted charges for some of our clients. Other companies will use these dollars to just get a discount off of this amount. We teach our clients how to use their carriers effectively and keep their shipping spend to a minimum. Then with our auditing we monitor all the Best Practices are being utilized and maintained.

    Our No-Risk Approach

    Up to 3% of packages shipped with UPS and FedEx are eligible for refunds. 50+ audit points including late deliveries, invalid surcharges, correct addresses, manifested but not shipped, etc.


    All shipping services are self-funded, with zero out-of-pocket fees.